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Friday, October 15, 2010

Feature Friday: How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Carnationsource

I’ve been working on a project for a mobile to hang above the crib. I saw a picture in one of the Pottery Barn catalogs and I’m making my own (much more affordable) version. I’ll show you the tutorial for that next week.

For now, make yourself some of these beautiful crepe paper carnations.

I modified her tutorial a little bit. Here are the steps I used:

1. Cut 36” strips of crepe paper streamer (2 rolls/$1 at the dollar store)

2. Fold strips in half and use scalloped craft scissors to scallop one long side

3. Starting with the short folded edge, roll up tightly a few rolls

4. Continue rolling, gathering and rolling slightly looser until you reach the end of the strip

5. Twist/pinch the bottom together tightly (use a small dab of glue to secure the end of the streamer to the rest of the flower if desired)

6. Separate the layers until it reaches your desired fluffiness

These flowers would look super cute on cards or canvases for wall art too. Join me next week to see what I did with the 60+ I made (4 rolls worth of streamers).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This makes waaaay more sense than the original instructions. I'm trying to make these for my wedding next month. Thank you!


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