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Monday, May 30, 2011

Photos from Kinley’s Birth

I’m trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed posting on here in Kinley’s first 6 months of life. When I wrote about here birth, I didn’t have any photos from the hospital so here are the photos and you’ll have to read the story here if you’re interested.

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 019

Waiting to get hooked up to all the monitors

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 021

So happy to finally have my baby in my arms

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 024

Spittin’ image of her father. Scary how much they look alike! In fact, my first words to her upon seeing her were “You look just like your dad!”

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 032

Her proud daddy :)

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 036

Her proud Grandma (my mom) holding her 3rd grandchild, but 1st granddaughter. [My poor dad had to leave the day before I was induced.]

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 034

Her other proud grandparents holding their first grandchild.

McKinley’s Pink & Green Nursery

I forgot to post photos of the finished nursery, so here are pictures my mom took in no particular order:

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 005

You can see on the floor the wreath I made from the crepe paper flowers I featured here. I’d like to say it’s now hanging on the wall, but almost 6 months later it still sits there on the floor.

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 006

This is some art I made to hang above the crib. My mother-in-law had these paper dolls in old magazines so I cut them out to use. First I got modge-podged a piece of scrapbook paper to a flat canvas board I got at the craft store (3/pkg). Then I cut out a smaller white piece of paper to glue on top of the scrapbook paper. I framed that with green ribbon. Then I used foam dots to make each paper doll stand away from the paper. To hang, I made little bows out of green with a pink rose in the middle and glued them to thumb tacks. I then hot glued white ribbon to the back of each canvas and used a ribbon thumb tack to hang on the wall. Cheap and easy…my kind of art!

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 007

This is the corner of her changing table/dresser. It has since been taken over by a jewelry box and more hair bows than you can imagine.

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 011

This is a close up of the items on the nightstand by the rocker. One of the ladies who lives on the street I grew up on hand stitched this prayer that I sign to McKinley every night. I have also replaced the generic baby picture with one of her very own (I won’t admit how long it took me to do that, though!).

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 003

The swing was moved downstairs and has since been packed up already (how do they grow so fast!?) and was quickly replaced with two large bins of clothes the spoiled loved little girl was given. I still have on my project list to paint the mirror frame white and actually hang it on the wall. One of Kinley’s favorite things, though, is to stand at the mirror and laugh at herself. Makes me smile each time she does it.

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 004

This is another shot of the wall art I showed you how to make here. It’s so odd to me to look at these ultrasounds now and think of them not just as a little baby that was growing inside of me but that they are pictures of McKinley. Hard to believe how small she was just one year ago!

So, that’s the nursery. Not exactly how I pictured it in my head due to the fact I chose not to finish it seeing how we’re moving into our own place soon and I’d rather save my money for that. But, it’s still cute and she loves it.