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Monday, May 30, 2011

Photos from Kinley’s Birth

I’m trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed posting on here in Kinley’s first 6 months of life. When I wrote about here birth, I didn’t have any photos from the hospital so here are the photos and you’ll have to read the story here if you’re interested.

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 019

Waiting to get hooked up to all the monitors

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 021

So happy to finally have my baby in my arms

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 024

Spittin’ image of her father. Scary how much they look alike! In fact, my first words to her upon seeing her were “You look just like your dad!”

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 032

Her proud daddy :)

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 036

Her proud Grandma (my mom) holding her 3rd grandchild, but 1st granddaughter. [My poor dad had to leave the day before I was induced.]

Nov 2010 and Kinleys Birth 034

Her other proud grandparents holding their first grandchild.

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