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"...and who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The College Graduate

me & brock

I went home to Colorado May 13-18 to watch my “little” brother graduate from my alma mater – Colorado State University. He received a major in Environmental Engineering. I was so proud of him and so were our parents!

mom & dad with brock

The following day his long-time girlfriend (as in since high school) graduated from CSU as well. Way to go guys!

brock & leah My sister and her boys flew in and my grandma was in town as well. It was so much fun to spend a few days with family. Braden is now 2.5 and Caleb is a little over 1 and just started walking. I hadn’t seen him since he was 3 months old!


We visited one of our favorite restaurants in Denver – Casa Bonita. I love their cheese enchiladas and sopapillas and the kids love the inside cliff divers, gun shows, puppet shows, piƱatas and game rooms. It such a fun place!

braden & giraffe

We also made a trip to our hometown zoo in Colorado Springs – the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. In my opinion, it is one of the best zoos I’ve been to in the country. Their giraffe exhibit is especially top-notch. Everyone has the ability to walk up and pet the giraffes for free and if you want to pay a little bit you can buy some crackers and feed them. We allowed Braden & Caleb the fun experience of giraffe tongue and slobber on your hands!

caleb & giraffe

My mom made some delicious meals while we there and one night my dad built a fire and we all enjoyed toasting marshmallows and eating s’mores.

making smores

It was such a great trip. The only downside was the emergency dash I had to make to the airplane lavatory upon landing back at LaGuardia courtesy of my little turkey.

family photo_2_grams

 family photo_grams

 kids and gram

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where I've Been

So it's been about two months since I blogged consistently on this thing. Figured it's about time that I let you all in on where I've been.

Recently, a lot of my time has been spent here:

American Standard 2002.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet, White
And the reason you ask?

Well, I'm delighted to announce that hubby and I are expecting a little turkey!

Our due date is Thanksgiving Day (11/25) and we are just estatic! The above ultrasound was taken at 9 weeks, but I'll be 14 weeks on Thursday.

I mentioned here before that hubby and I have been trying for quite awhile to have a baby (about a year in fact). So, when we found out on the first day of spring (the beginning of new life) that there was a new life growing inside of me and then having that new life due on Thanksgiving Day (as a reminder to always be thankful for the ways God provides) we are just so amazed at the way God works.

For the most part I really can't complain. The morning (noon and night) sickness struck full force about 2.5 weeks ago, but hopefully it won't last too much longer. The upside is that I've actually lost weight so far because I can't even keep water down some days, but hopefully soon I'll be able to start keeping up with a slow and steady weight gain. We should be able to find out in about another month what we're having and I can't wait! Secretly (alright not so secretly) I'm hoping for a bundle of pink, but I'll be thrilled no matter what.

So, that's the biggest news that's been going on around here. One of the main reasons why I haven't blogged is because I knew I'd spill the beans before we were ready to go public, but I have also been very busy with travels and other stuff. Hopefully I'll get to post about all that stuff soon and return to a more normal blogging schedule.

We get to have another ultrasound of our baby this Thursday, but here is the 3D ultrasound from 9 weeks:

If you look closely, you can see the little nose.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's a miracle none of you have called the cops to report me M.I.A. yet.

I have not forgotten about my little space in blogland, but things have been crazy here. I'm hoping to post an update on some of the happenings next Tuesday when I get back from yet another out-of-town trip. Hopefully after that we'll resume to a slightly more "normal" blogging schedule.

See ya soon!