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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Wedding on our Farm

Our friends’ wedding was absolutely beautiful this past Saturday.

I made the wooden signs on Friday and they turned out pretty great, but unfortunately they ended up not needing them after all. Any body want/need three rustic wooden signs that say wedding? I’ll give them to you if you pay shipping. Otherwise, they’re headed for the trash because it will be at least 30 years before our daughter gets married (based on when her daddy will probably let her start dating) and no sense storing them for that long!

Here are some pictures from the happy day:


This is where the tent was going to go. We took out a lot of scrub trees, dried them, burned them and bulldozed it level to make way for things.


This is that same area on the day of the wedding. Looks so different. 


The scrub trees ran all the way back to the wood line. I think it was about 7 huge piles of brush we burned. Didn’t they have a gorgeous sky on their wedding day?


This is the parking area a few weeks ago.


This is the parking area on the wedding day. We brought in too many piles of woodchips to count.


Inside the tent.


The bride’s aunt made the delicious cakes.


The groom’s mother made all the centerpieces and favors. I loved their color choice of deep purple.


Some friends from church.


More friends from church.


Handsome hubby and me. He’s seen this dress come full cycle now. I wore it on our first date over 7 years ago. I weighed the same then that I do now at 7.5 months pregnant. Scary! In hindsight I should have worn a necklace but I was running late because I got sidetracked crafting all morning, and of course I ran out of foundation that day too.


I love the color of the soybean field against the bride and her bridesmaid.


The grooms’ kids. His oldest daughter on the left, middle child on the right and his son in the back right (not looking).


The Mr. & Mrs. waiting to be introduced. I’m not surprised at all that he must have done something funny to have her crackin’ up.

It was a great celebration. The reception started at 3pm. We left around 8pm and we hear from some of our friends that it ran well past 10:30pm. They sure knew how to party!

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  1. How beautiful! All of your hard work paid off, in the fact that you made her day stunning!


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