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Friday, September 17, 2010

To Do List

Yesterday was 30 weeks. It hit me that our little girl should be here in just about 10 weeks. Personally, I’m hoping for 8 just so I can breathe again, but who needs to breathe? The thing that literally struck me just 5 minutes ago, though, was that there are only about 10 more weeks where it is just “me and hubby”. No longer will it be just the two of us because soon we’ll be a family of three. (NOTE: Not like it’s ever been just the two of us since we were married seeing how we lived with my roommate for two months until she got married and then we moved in with the in-laws when my lease was up almost three years ago.) Life as we know it is going to change, but it will be good great change. I do need to remember, though, to cherish these next weeks with just me and hubby. After all, it’s going to be many years before it will ever be “just the two of us” in our own place.

I also have a huge list of “to-do” items before the baby arrives:

  1. Make 3 wooden signs that say “wedding” before tomorrow
  2. Attend our friends’ wedding tomorrow on our property…can’t wait!
  3. Make and send baby shower thank-you notes
  4. Make a baby blanket for a baby shower I can’t attend on Oct. 3rd
  5. Spend time with out-of-state friends who are coming to visit next weekend
  6. Finish painting the trim in the nursery
  7. Replace the carpet in the nursery
  8. Make the bumper for the crib
  9. Make the bed skirt for the crib
  10. Make the shelves to flank the window in the nursery
  11. Make a cushioned window seat for the nursery
  12. Wash and fold all the baby clothes
  13. Train someone to fill in for me while I’m on maternity leave
  14. Find fabric and make drapes for the nursery
  15. Sell/donate a lot of unwanted stuff to avoid having to find a place to store it
  16. Find a place to store all the things besides my crafting essentials that used to be stored in the nursery
  17. Get a pedicure
  18. Get a haircut
  19. Finish shopping for the essentials for baby (i.e. stroller and car seat)
  20. Make the tissue paper pom-poms for the nursery
  21. Make custom artwork for the nursery walls
  22. Watch DVDs on childbirth (instead of going to a class)
  23. Make some headbands for our little girl to wear in photo shoots for her birth announcement and Christmas cards 
  24. Put up the Christmas decorations (I really won’t have time/feel like doing this with a newborn so they’re going up before Thanksgiving this year)
  25. Get the Christmas cards ready to be mailed

That’s all I have for now, but I’m sure there will be many things that get added to my list. Looks like I better get cracking because I’ll need to accomplish at least 2-3 a week in order to have them all done before baby arrives.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week with a delicious cookie recipe and hopefully pictures of some of the items I accomplish from my list above.


  1. i am tired just reading this, and i am not even pregnant. you are an amazing woman if you get this all done! and i am sure you will!!! <3

  2. Was a beautiful page. Thanks to the designers and managers.


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