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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Mantle Decor

A couple weeks ago I finally took down the stuff that has been on my mantle since before the 4th of July and replaced it with cozy fall stuff.

Money is TIGHT right now so I decorated with items I already had. For not spending a dime, I’m very happy with how much it cozied up the room and helps to welcome fall.

Fall Mantle

I think my favorite thing on the mantle is the pear wreath. It was hanging in my craft room, but in the conversion to the nursery it was taken down. What a perfect place to display it for now.

Fall Mantle Closeup 
The Indian corn I picked up on sale last year at Michael’s. The metal wall hanging was another thing I had laying around. I think I got it and the yellow ceramic vase on sale at Michael’s a couple years ago too.

Fall Mantle Elixir Bottle
This purple glass elixir bottle belonged to one of my hubby’s great aunts. I thought it was a neat bottle but never had a place to display it until now.

Fall Coffee Table Decor
These items are sitting on the coffee table. I picked up the copper container and the garland on sale a few years ago at Michael’s as well. The potpourri inside the container is colorful and smells so good!

So, it’s not much, but for free it works for me to bring a touch of fall to our living room.

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