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Thursday, September 23, 2010

31 Weeks (only 9 to go!)

It’s crazy to think that in 9 weeks (give or take) I will be holding our little girl in my arms! I am so excited. My mom has made plans to fly in on November 21st, and according to her, the 22nd would be the perfect day for our little girl to make her entrance into this world. Nothing like a little pressure from Grandma! :-)

31 Weeks

Yesterday I went in for a doctor appointment and learned that I lost .5 lb since I was there two weeks ago. That brings my total weight gain to 18.5 lbs. My doctor says she doesn’t care if I don’t gain anymore, so we’ll see how well I do at maintaining this weight. I have to say I never really had a ravenous appetite this whole pregnancy. We’ll see if that changes over the next 9 weeks. So far, no new stretch marks either, but if I’m like my sister, I won’t get them until the last week. I’m hoping all the lotion I’ve been applying will help keep those at bay, but it’s all worth it.

Today hubby and I get to see our active little one on the monitor again because we have another ultrasound to see how she’s coming in the growth department. Can’t wait to see her cute little body and hopefully get another picture.

Here’s what she’s up to this week according to this site:

As far as growth goes, your baby's still on a roll, measuring an impressive 18 inches and weighing in at more than three pounds. At 31 weeks pregnant, you can still expect your baby to gain at least three to five pounds, possibly more, before you two meet.

Your baby's brain is working overtime these days, developing faster than ever.   Connections between individual nerve cells are growing at a frenetic clip, and your baby can now perceive information from all five senses. Sure, your baby can't smell anything right now, but that's only because he or she is still submerged in amniotic fluid and needs to be breathing air to get a whiff of anything. Lucky for you — and your baby — yours will be one of the very first scents your baby breathes in, a scent that will quickly become his or her very favorite.

So what's your little dove doing all day while you're busy feathering your nest for his or her arrival? Making faces, hiccupping, swallowing, breathing, pedaling with little hands and feet along your uterine wall, and even sucking his or her thumb. In fact, some babies suck their thumbs so vigorously while in the womb that they're born with a callus on their thumb (what a little sucker!).

This weekend I’ll be getting my exercise in while exploring NYC with some great friends of ours who are driving in tonight from out-of-state for the weekend. Can’t wait for the fun to begin!

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