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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My “Bucket List” for 2010

new years

Happy New Year’s Eve! Any big plans for tonight? It’s snowing outside and I have two movies waiting for me to pick up at the Red box on my way home from work. Tonight I’m going to watch movies while snuggled in front of the fire with my hubby. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay awake until midnight, but our track record the past couple years hasn’t been too good. Ha!

I’m not one to make resolutions normally, but I do want to list a few things I am looking forward to or hoping to accomplish in 2010.

Here is my “bucket list” for this year in no particular order:

  1. Watch the Vancouver Olympics (we saw the bobsled course here and here)
  2. Go skiing in Aspen with my hubby
  3. Watch hubby enjoy serving another year as mayor
  4. Celebrate my “baby” bro’s graduation from college
  5. Spend Christmas in Tennessee with my family
  6. Finally move out of my in-laws house after two years and into our own place for the first time ever in our married life
  7. Expand our family, Lord willing
  8. Purchase the 95 acre ranch my hubby has wanted for years
  9. Build the guest house/garage on the ranch to live in while we build the main house (this will help accomplish #6)
  10. Pay cash for everything we purchase
  11. Pay off our last student loans and all our credit card debt
  12. Visit with my nephews
  13. Travel to Turkey with my parents (as long as #7 hasn’t happened yet)
  14. Finish renovating the kitchen in our “flip” house
  15. Look into renting or selling the “flip” house
  16. Faithfully complete the P90X workout routine
  17. Transfer my shop location to Etsy to hopefully increase traffic and sales
  18. Let my husband know every day how much he is cherished and appreciated
  19. Get back into a consistent size 4 pant (only have to drop 5 pounds)
  20. Take a cake decorating class
  21. Giveaway or sell a lot of things I no longer use
  22. Organize our mounds of paperwork
  23. Celebrate the birth of a “nephew” on hubby’s side of the family
  24. Get even more connected with the start-up church we’re attending
  25. Grow my hair out and get a new hairstyle
  26. Faithfully write our new Compassion sponsor child each month
  27. Craft more
  28. Read more
  29. Watch less TV
  30. And for my mom, travel to NYC with my mother

What are your resolutions or bucket list items for 2010?

P.S. We find out this Sunday if my hubby gets elected to serve as mayor again, so please be praying his wish comes true.


  1. That's a great list. What part of TN is your family in? I'm in Dayton....near Chattanooga.

  2. Very impressive list--good luck! I think I will place mine on a card on the fridge for accountability purposes.

  3. Excited you're "ready" to expand your family! I was in Turkey when I was 7 weeks pregnant...too bad b/c I couldn't experience Turkish food at its finest. My morning sickness was every evening and would start about halfway through dinner! :) Good list - you are very ambitious!


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