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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Endless Holiday Music

I love listening to Christmas music all December long, but I’ve always had a difficult time finding a station that played a good mix of the traditional Christian Christmas carols and the whimsical holiday songs.

I remembered reading about Pandora not too long ago so I figured I’d check it out and all I can say is it is FABULOUS!

It was so easy to plug in artists, songs, and types of music that I was looking for and it came up with a great playlist for me. I’ve been listening to it all day at work for over a week and I rarely hear the same song by the same artist. Plus, there are hardly any commercial breaks (maybe one 10 second one an hour if that).

I know I will definitely be tuning to Pandora for my annual Christmas music fix and most likely for my daily work playlists after the holiday.

Have you ever used Pandora? I just wish there was a way I could download some of the songs onto my iTunes so I can load them on my iPod shuffle.

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  1. The pandora Iphone app lets you do just that:-)


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