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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea - Jewelry

This year I have really developed a love for crafting jewelry. Every year I try to make as many handcrafted gifts as I can for Christmas, and this year was no exception. I made three different jewelry items to give as gifts this year.

The first is for my brother’s girlfriend, Leah. The variety of colors reminds me of her bright personality. I love this cuff bracelet so much I almost kept it for myself because it goes with absolutely everything. It would look fabulous with jeans and a simple bright colored top.


Cuff bracelets are really in vogue right now so I’m excited to see what different combos I can make. This bracelet uses black wood spacers and chips of Italian Milfori glass.


The next thing I made was a bracelet for my friend Sonja. I posted recently that she just learned she has stage 4 cancer. We were hoping to be able to get in touch while I was visiting family for Thanksgiving, but were unable to because I had a cold and she couldn’t afford to be exposed to germs. This bracelet uses pink glass beads, pink Swarovski crystals, and cream Czech glass pearls. I chose pink because her cancer started as breast cancer.


I also made two pairs of earrings for my mom. One was gold chandelier earrings and the other was sterling silver with a clear Swarovski crystal and black pearls I got on our honeymoon trip to the Cook Islands. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of those before I gave them to her, but I liked them so much I’ll probably be making myself a pair of each shortly and will post a photo then.

Making your own jewelry is a fun and easy craft to learn. There are tons of beads available at your local craft store. If you want better pricing and plan on making lots of jewelry, I suggest purchasing from Fire Mountain Gems. Their selection and pricing is awesome and they have great customer service.

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