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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea – Magazine Subscription

I always have a hard time thinking of what handcrafted items I could make for the men in the family. I know they all love food, but at the same time, that just doesn’t seem like a substantial enough gift for a relative.

One thing that I received last year was a few different magazine subscriptions and I have loved looking through each issue when it arrives in the mail monthly. That gave me the idea to give them each a subscription of their own.

My brother-in-law is originally from Montana and loves all things associated with hunting and fishing. I thought there would be no better thing than a subscription to Field & Stream. A simple Google search provided me a place to get the subscription for 80% off the cover price.

My dad enjoys remodeling homes and lending us a hand renovating our 1906 house. He also loves watching This Old House. Hubby receives the magazine and it is full of great ideas and info on how to tackle certain remodeling projects. I thought this would be perfect for my dad and turns out I was right. I found a very affordable subscription on They have tons of different magazine subscriptions available for $5 right now.

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