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Friday, September 18, 2009

Gettysburg Photos

I mentioned here that hubby and I spent some time with my parents in Gettysburg over Labor Day weekend. We had such a great time! Here are some photos from the trip:

We met up with our friends Luke & Melissa for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. God provided a ride home for hubby from the house in a neat way. Luke & Melissa were going to come visit us for Labor Day if we didn't have any plans, but I told them we were going to be in Gettysburg. Mel just laughed because they had already decided if we weren't available to drive out to visit her aunt and uncle who lived near Gettysburg instead. So, hubby hopped a ride from the house with them and I still got to see them for a little bit at breakfast. How fun!

The rest of that day, my parents, hubby & I toured the brand new visitors center. They had a great video, cyclerama, and museum that was very informative. We also did some antique shopping where I found a beautiful silver tray for $12!

Before heading to the ghost tour (which was very lame, but gave us great things to laugh about) that night, we had dinner at Dobbins House. It's one of the oldest homes in Gettysburg and even has a spot where you can see where they hid slaves on the Underground Railroad.

The next morning was our horseback tour and we were all look forward to it a lot. It was so much fun and the weather was awesome. But we were all a little sore at the end!

Here is a Confederate soldier (renactor of course) that we came across right near where Pickett's Charge started. We actually saw him as we were doing a driving tour of the fields after the horse ride.

On the horseback tour, we came across this barn which had a hole shot through it with a canon. It's located beneath the two diamonds in the brick. See it?

L - R: My dad on Stormin' Norman, my mom on Robbie, Hubby on Red, and myself on Simon. I was so excited to get a Paint because I love Paints. He was such a sweet horse. The headphones are how we heard the tour guide who was stationed in the middle of the pack.

Group photo after a great ride.

Our last stop before heading out of town was at the National Cemetery. It was here that Abe Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. This was one of the many canons situated throughout the cemetery.

On the driving tour, we came across so many monuments honoring the brave men who fought so valiantly for their beliefs. My favorite was probably this one that honored the men from the state of Maryland.
They were one of the few states that had men fighting on both sides of the battle and this monument depicts a Union soldier on the left and his Confederate brother on the right. Very moving.

The fields where this battle was fought are absolutely breathtaking. It's hard to imagine the numerous men who were lying wounded and dead on this particular field after Pickett's Charge.

If you've never been to Gettysburg (or any of the battlefields for that matter), I highly recommend you go. It's definitely an awesome experience!

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