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Monday, September 21, 2009

Am I the last one... get hooked on the Twilight series?

All the rage between my friends on Facebook a few months ago was how great the Twilight books were. I'm not normally one to read the latest "must read" (case in point I've never read any of the Harry Potter books nor do I think I ever will), but something about how many different people were saying these books were good caught my attention.

I picked up the first one a couple weeks ago and was wondering what all the hype was about until I got about half way through the first one. Then, I'm said to say, like the rest of the world, I was hooked.

I quickly finished Twilight and then moved on to New Moon. A couple days ago I finished Eclipse and now I'm anxiously waiting until there's a copy of Breaking Dawn available in the library to be checked out.

It's a very good series and a fast and entertaining read.

I still haven't decided if I want to see the movie, though. Any suggestions from those of you who read the book and saw the movie? Is it worth it?

And, if you were Bella, would you rather be with Jacob or Edward? Call me crazy, but I think I'd choose Jacob.

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