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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three? Really?

I don't even know where these past two weeks have gone. Life is flying by at an unbelievably fast pace and I'm just trying to catch up. My bedroom, bathroom, and craft room are feeling the neglect and are desperately in need of cleaning.

Hubby and I had a good time in Italy. The weather was ho hum and the first few days we had limited transportation while at the monastery for the wedding, but made the most of it. We even got to sleep in bunk beds...hubby on top and me on bottom for the first three days. Oh, and hubby got to take a shower while the bride's great aunt used the toilet directly across from him and tried to carry on a conversation...interesting times! The last day in Italy we rented a smart car (I was the driver seeing how hubby forgot his license) and drove to the town of Bellaggio along Lake Como. It was GORGEOUS! Hubby read about this garden in the travel guide so we visited there and got some great ideas for our backyard. I'll post photos in their own post.

In addition to that suitcase that is still needing to be unpacked, I also have a suitcase to unpack from the road trip hubby and I took last weekend to install patches on cow's butts. All part of life here on the farm! We drove to Indiana for our first stop and then back tracked, stopping in Ohio at another farm on the way home. While hubby was installing the systems and patches, I sat in the car and looked through 15 magazines, tearing out the items I want to keep and recycling the rest. It was great just to spend time with my hubby and getting to stop at our favorite burger joint on the way home.

Oh, and let's not forget the original suitcase that is still needing to be unpacked from Easter weekend when we made a trip out to do some more demo on our kitchen and visit my grandma and cousin to deliver her wedding invitations. Thankfully the bride was very pleased with them! Pictures of both will follow in their own post.

Besides these three trips and suitcases waiting to be unpacked, I've been busy working on items for my store's "grand opening." I know I announced here that I'm shooting for the 30th, but that's two days from now and some of the items I need before I can open have yet to make an appearance, so I'm going to have to delay that for a little bit. But, SOON, it's coming!!

Hubby is gone again today and tomorrow at a farm in Idaho installing yet another system. I figured while he's gone it'd be a good time to clean our bedroom, bathroom and my craft room, not to mention unpacking the three suitcases.

After all, I'm going to need to pack one of them again in a week to head back out to visit my cousin again to practice her hairstyle for the big day in June!

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  1. I hear you about unpacked suitcases. I absolutely despise doing it. It reminds me that I'm no longer on vacation. I usually end up unpacking it by wearing everything in it!


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