Esther 4:14b

"...and who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's like Easter grass

Remember when you were a kid and you had that plastic Easter grass in your baskets? Remember how that stuff got everywhere and you'd still be picking up little pieces of it months after Easter was over?

I think I'm going to be doing the same thing with teal glitter.

Last night I started the tedious (yet enjoyable) process of glittering 200 invites for my cousin's wedding. The fine little sparkles were E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! All over my black coat, my black pants, my craft room white carpet, my face, my fingers. Whatever it was, I guarantee you it had some sort of blue sparkle on it. Very pretty, but also a little too childish when wearing your black dress pants out in public.

If only it had been green for St. Patrick's Day today.

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