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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movie Weekend

This past weekend hubby and I used up a gift card someone gave us for Christmas. First off, I didn't know anybody actually used Blockbuster anymore and after renting four movies, I know why we don't!

Four movies at Blockbuster cost $21. We watched all four movies in two days (even though we have them for a whole week). Had I gone to a Redbox like I normally do when movie night is calling I would have only paid $8 to rent the four movies for two nights (or better yet, rent two one night and pay $2 and then rent 2 the next night when you return the original 2 and pay $2 for a total of $4). Hmm...$21 or $8? You do the math.

Anyway...thank goodness we had a gift card so I didn't feel bad about dropping that much on movie night.

We rented:

We loved An American Carol (finally a second side to bad it didn't do too hot in theaters) and What Happens in Vegas (good for some laughs). Swing Vote wasn't bad (not as funny as I thought it'd be) and Hancock was pretty food for an action movie too.

How about you? Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. our blockbuster has three main sections, new releases, classic favorites and all time favorites. We never rent new releases there, but the classics section is only 1$ for like five days! We use Redbox only for new releases but find going for a bit older movies.. like six months old a great deal at blockbuster! We find this especially great for family films which we usually go for. Redbox I end up returning late, and even after just a couple days it gets pretty expensive!

  2. Thanks for the info on Blockbuster. The one downside to Redbox is that they really only have new releases (however I noticed the other day that it had a few older titles that were starting to show up) so that's good to know that Blockbuster's older movies are that cheap.

  3. We enjoyed Journey to the Center of the Earth with the kids recently. I know we have seen a few other new releases but I can't say much for any of them except Fireproof and Journey. I am kind of a sensitive movie watcher these days though, I won't rent R movies and I prefer little or no language and explicit scenarios. Something fun, adventurous, enjoyable, make me laugh, etc.


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