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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decor

I've been saying I'm going to post these photos for a few days now and finally they are free from my digital camera. Unfortunately, the one of the tree is blurry, but still pretty. Now, if only I had more time to actually sit in the living room and enjoy the tree instead of always working in the basement or up in my craft room!

I know, the ribbon looks goofy, but I didn't have enough to go around the tree horizontally. Next year I'm going to get that tiny foil garland that I use at work (see last photo). Also, I always have to have my tree in a corner because it has a big hole on one side from where it's missing a branch. Yes, it came that way. Yes, the box had the number of branches that it says it should have for that level, but there is one more spot for a branch than is included in the box or the instructions. I guess that's what you get when you buy an evergreen made in China.

My pitiful garland. I took the advice of the Nester, as far as interlocking all my different fake greens together to make it more lush, but I just didn't have any extra money or time to try to find my boxes with all my picks in it to make it a real beauty. The bows are cheezy. They will not be making an appearance next year. My lights, they burned out, but it wouldn't have made a difference seeing how the cord couldn't reach the plug anyway and I didn't want a huge extension cord to reach the extra 6 inches. But, for this year it's festive and as my in-laws say, it looks like the Christmas Fairy came.

The top of the TV needed some decking out too. Gotta love Michael's after Christmas sales. Those reindeers I got for a buck a piece!

Oh yeah, I also get to decorate our office too. Do you love our 80's decor? I do the best I can with what I have. Yeah, the color of the counter is a little 80's too, but unfortunately it's our logo color so it's got to stay.

And here's our work tree. It looks better when the front lights are off, but I didn't want all the guys to think I'm crazy for turning off the lights and photographing our work tree, so this will have to do. This doesn't look 80s because last year I was given the company card and freedom to go buy a new tree and whatever decorations I wanted when our other one bit the dust. Have I mentioned I love my boss?

(Side note: Anyone work for a hospital that is looking for casework? See that thing behind the tree? That's a patient of the many items we design and manufacture where I work. If you're interested, let me know and I'll hook you up with our sales dept.)

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