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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Belated Thanksgiving Decor

I know we're in the Christmas season right now, but I just wanted to post the few photos I finally pulled off my camera that had to do with Thanskgiving. I could be on that commercial with all the people that are trapped inside the digital camera it takes so long for me to download my photos!

For placecards, I stamped everyone's names on paper leaves I cut out and then attached them to real pears with upholstery tacks. This also served as a favor that people could take home. Very inexpensive and they were a big hit!

For my centerpiece, I used a glittered magnolia leaf garland that I got for 80% off at Michael's and a copper container that I already had. I filled it with pinecones and paper pumpkins and dried leaves that I also got at Michael's for 80% off.

And, here's the table all set and ready for the spread of food. This is my mother-in-law's dining room and china set so it's a little too blue for my taste, but I think it still came out pretty. I set the placecard pears on each bread plate next to the homemade herb butter pats I made which were also a big hit. Here's the directions in case you want to make some of your own:


For each softened stick of butter, chop about 2 Tbsp. of fresh herbs (I used sage, thyme and parsley...all herbs that appeared in other dishes for the meal). Stir together. Scoop into a ziplock sandwich bag and flatten out into a rectangle about 1/8" to 1/4" thick. Freeze until firm. Place butter in fridge for one hour before serving. Right before serving, cut away ziplock bag and cut butter into squares.


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  2. i really like this table setting!

    i just found your blog through 'the homespun heart' and i was wondering if i could put a link to your page on my blog? :) you seem like a pretty hip chick!! :D


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