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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My New Do (or For My Mom)

This is mainly for my mom who has been patiently (or not) for pictures of my new hairstyle. I'll post some from the day I had it done (in the green shirt) and then some from my first day of styling it on my own (the teal shirt). Obviously I need to learn how to fix the bang properly, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. I think I just need to make it flatter. If anybody has any suggestions...please send them my way!

This haircut is so easy. I love it! Well, for now anyway. I seem to have inherited my mom's genes of having to change our hair up every few months.

I never have understood those people who are so scared of getting their haircut and trying a new style. Or better yet those people who say they're going in for a new style and all they do is cut a inch or so off and it looks absolutely the same. I just want to shout, "Hair grows back! Try something new!"


  1. Your hair looks cute. I try different styles on a fairly regular basis (but to be honest, curly hair and humidity aren't good combinations this time of year!)

  2. Really cute, Brie! I know what you mean about hair. I always see how long I can grow it and then hack it all off! I always get cutter's remorse, though, about a month after I chop it; which is why I then start growing it out. It's an endless cycle!

  3. I love, love, love it Brie.
    You're doing a great job in styling it!
    My only (very minor) suggestion would be to not try so hard. It puts too much volume in the bangs and style. Think more straight to the head when you straighten it. And not so much volume at the roots or turn at the bottom and bangs.
    Even if none of that makes sense, your doing a great job and I think you look amazing (as usual).


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