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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Tour - Rest of 2nd Floor

Hubs and I were talking about the house again last night and it reminded me that I never finished posting the photos for the house tour, so without further ado...
In addition to the master suite on the 2nd floor, there is also two other bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and a room that we're going to convert into a media room.

Also, I forgot to mention that none of the furniture in this house is ours. These photos were taken the second time we visited the house and the previous owners hadn't moved out yet, so it's their stuff in the photos. Thank goodness they took it all with them because our tastes are very different!

This is the bedroom that is located on the northwest corner of the house (looking at the house from the street it would be on the front right of the 2nd floor).

This is the bathroom that goes with that bedroom. The marble siding has got to go! I don't care if it's's ugly! Unfortunately, people must have been a lot smaller in 1909 because the tubs are tiny and there are no showers in the bathroooms. All that will definitely change. The bathroom for the room on the southwest side of the house looks exactly the same.

This is the room on the southwest side of the 2nd floor. Both of these bedrooms are great sizes for kids' rooms.

This is the room that used to be the servant quarters. My husband was quick to correct me when I referred to them as the "slave" quarters accidentally last night. I was quick to point out that while they may have been called "servants" I could almost guarantee him they were of African American decent! Especially given the city where this house is located, which hopefully I'll get to reveal soon.

Anyway, the wall that juts out in the left part of the photo is to a toilet and sink, but we're going to tear it out because there are three other bathrooms on this floor and if we can't hold it long enough to make it to one of those, we've got serious problems! Plus, that would give us more space in this room to make it into a genuine media/family room. The nice thing about this room is that it's right off the back staircase that runs right down to the kitchen so it's very convenient. My hubby would love to get some bleacher seats from Yankee Stadium when they tear it down the end of this year, but I think they're going to be a little to pricey for our budget. But, if any of you happen to come across a great deal on Yankee bleacher seats, let me know!

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