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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

House Tour - Master Bedroom & Spare Room

Today was our house inspection and hubs said that everything is about what we expected. There seems to be more water damage in the basement than there was last time we were there which led to some mold, but nothing we can't fix.

So, let the tour resume on the 2nd floor with the Master Bedroom & Spare Room!

The windows in the above photo face the front of the house. When you come up the main staircase, the master bedroom is on your right (on the left when looking at the house).

I love how there's a fireplace in here! To the right of the fireplace is the entrance to the bathroom. The marble on the walls has got to go! There's also no shower, just a small tub and a huge hole in the floor.

Thankfully, the wall with the toilet on it backs up to this:

So, we're going to knock out the wall and covert it in to one bigger bathroom.

The above photo is the current closet. It's really weird because you have to duck low and then through another room, etc. We're going to try and just open it up into a hallway. Walking through the current closet leads you to this room (which also has its own door off the hallway):

This is the part we're going to convert into the bedroom area because then we're facing the backyard, and not the street. We might also put a walk in closet in this part or in the room with the fireplace. This room is bigger than the photo looks. So, in essence, we're going to convert the whole right side of the house when you walk up the main staircase (or the left side when you're looking at the house from outside) on the 2nd floor to the Master Suite.

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  1. I LOVE old houses! I'm jealous. It looks like your house has so much potential and character, at the same time. You guys must be planning on staying there for quite a while? Looks like a great house for a family! :)


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