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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are you sure?

My mom called me yesterday to say she ran into my sister and her family in the Denver airport. Mom was on her way to Michigan to visit relatives, and Chelsea & family were on their way to Montana to visit Bennett's family. My mom told me Braden had a very interesting shirt on that said something along the lines of "world's best big brother".

Now, I know what it normally means when kids where shirts like this. It means the family is expecting another little bundle of joy. But, I had to ask to make sure because I was a little confused.

You see, when my sister and her family where just out to visit me, they mentioned how they love Braden, but don't know if they want another one or not, and if so, they know that they definitely don't want another one now. Thus, my confusion over them expecting again.

But, it looks like my sister gets pregnant as easy as rabbits, even when she's on birth control. Braden came while she was on the pill, and her doctor switched her to a different pill while she was nursing, and well, obviously that one didn't work too well either.

So, my nephew and nephew/niece will be almost exactly 18 months apart. Guess the Lord's timing isn't always our timing! How exciting though that I get to have two little ones to love on now!!!

A few things to keep in your prayers if you think of it:
  1. It's possible Bennett may get deployed in the next few months and it could be a year deployment, so pray for my sister in case that happens.
  2. A healthy pregnancy.
  3. That they'll find a birth control that works...just kidding!
  4. The baby to come early or late February because hubby and I will be in the Cook Islands for 2 weeks in the middle of the month, and my parents will be in Africa the end of the month, and one of us is going to need to be available to watch Braden, especially if Bennett is deployed.

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