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Monday, June 30, 2008

What a Great Weekend

Hubby and I had a really great weekend together. I don't know if you recall or not, but we're currently living with his parents while we try to save a few bucks and figure out where the Lord is calling us to start our family. His parents were away in Maine this past week, so it's been nice to have the house to ourselves for a little bit.

Side note: Hubs and I have never actually had a place that is just "ours" since we've been married because my roommate and her daughter lived with us for a few months after we were married until she got married and moved out of state, much to my chagrin...I miss my friend!, to join her new husband; right after that, we moved in with his parents. Needless to say, we're very much looking forward to the day when we'll have our own place! I know some of you are probably thinking, why don't they just get an apartment or something? Yes, we can afford one, but there are not any that are in our town, and because my hubby is on the local committee, we must live in this town. And, seeing how we're not positive where we want to raise our family yet, it doesn't make much sense to us to buy/rent a house when we see ourselves moving in a year or so. Thus, the living with the in-laws.

Anyway, back to our great weekend. Friday night we had "date" night in. We rented "Definitely, Maybe" and "Cleaner". Both were really good even though we had never seen the previews. Oh, I want to plug Redbox right now. That's where we rent all our movies from and we have never had a problem. You really can't beat $1/movie/night. We normally watch them in one night anyways. Plus, you can rent them and return them at any Redbox location.

Saturday we lounged around the house, watched the Yankees games we had Tivo'd, got a few chores done, and baked some zucchini bread. We also received a nice surprise in the mail. We're trying to pay off the 2003 Alero that hubs bought me for Christmas in '03, and we thought we were down to about $2000 left on it, so I was saving up and was going to pay it off in a week or two. Well, we were going through our mail on Saturday and we received a statement from Wells Fargo (our lease holder) stating that our final payment of $197 was due July 12th! What an awesome surprise!! We went from thinking we owed $2000 to owing less than $200! Now, I can put the money I had saved towards paying off my final student loan and then we are almost done with our personal debt. Wahoo! To celebrate, we went out with friends that night for pizza and went and saw the movie "Get Smart". It was hilarious! Hubby and I were laughing the entire movie!

Sunday was church, preparing meals for his great uncle (filling in for his parents) which is a whole other story in itself, watching another Yankees game, putting up my craft table, and doing yoga.

Just a wonderful weekend spent with the man of my dreams!

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