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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weird Dreams

Do you ever have a dream that is just really random and weird? I do and surprisingly it's often on the nights I sleep the best.

I'll try to share what I remember from last night's dream.

It all started back at ECA (Evangelical Christian Academy for those of you not familiar with this school) in Colorado Springs. Monica from The Homespun Heart was in it because she used to work there. It was summer time and I was in the office to visit my dad who also used to work there. I guess I must have been back in high school again?? I remember thinking how a job like Monica's would be nice because in the dream she had all the time in the world at work to just read blogs and come up with all these neat crafts and bake all these yummy treats.

Then, somehow I ended up being in a bike race that went all across the globe. I was on a team with Chris (who was in my class at ECA) and Melissa (who I worked with here) and we came in first place! However, during the bike race we had to go across this really, really high cobblestone bridge that had low sides. This bridge was about 10 miles long and about 500 feet in the air at its peak. While going over the bridge we were being chased by these bats and I was chomping on a huge wad of bubble gum and blowing bubbles. Somehow I blew 3 bubbles that all attached themselves together and became similar to a helium balloon and they started to lift me and my bike over the edge. I was peddling like the Witched Witch from the West to get back on the bridge before I fell into nothingness.

Next thing I know, I'm suddenly my current age and going out for dinner at Tavern on the Green all by myself. I don't know why I'd be going there for dinner by myself, but supposedly this was a regular occurrence. Because I was only one person, the restaurant didn't want to give me my own table, but instead sat me down next to this other lady who I didn't know, but had the feeling I would know her later. Well, the person they sat me next to in the dream was the lady who married my husband's cousin. And oh yeah, they had cherry chip cookies like the ones I used to get as a kid for free when my mom shopped at King Soopers.

RANDOM. That's all I have to say. Now, for any of you dream interpreters out there, care to venture a guess??? Just kidding. But, I do find it interesting how our dreams combine different things we experienced throughout the day (i.e. I read Monica's blog about her apple pies, I played "Dots" with Chris on Facebook, I read Melissa's blog the other day, the bats came from the snippets of Batman Begins that I saw with hubby), things we've dreamt before (I've had a very similar dream of the bridge and going over the edge of it), and things from our past (i.e. the cookies at King Soopers).

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  1. Ok, that is random. I have weird dreams too - usually very scary ones. But, all I can say is, there was nothing about having tons of time in my job at ECA! Ha! In fact, I stayed until all hours of the night sometimes just trying to get report cards done! :)

    Now, that would be a good job to just be able to read blogs all day and come up with crafty ideas AND get paid for it?! You may be on to something there...

    And, I remember the cherry chip cookies from King Soopers too - I usually had a lemon chip cookie while my mom was shopping!


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