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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

I was taking inventory of my shoes the other day and realized all I have are high heels (and lots of them), a dirty pair of faux suede clogs, flip flops, and running shoes. None of these would do for walking around NYC in spring time while still looking fashionable and most importantly COMFORTABLE. So, off to Target I went and came home with these:
Never would I have thought I'd buy something that looks so "tacky", but in real life they're actually pretty cute and very comfortable once you break them in for a few days with moleskin on your heels. Now, if only my trousers were hemmed so they wouldn't drag on the ground I'd be all set for my day in the city on Saturday.


  1. Yes, I recently bought 3 pairs of slipper flats in one day. There are so many cute colors and designs and they aren't very expensive! They'll be great for the city - but yes, make sure you break them in first before walking all over the place. :)

  2. I think shoes are one of those things that you can never have enough of! I think the ones you bought are cute. My 5 year-old already has a shoe obsession....she probably has 7-8 pairs of shoes (considering they only fit her for a few months, that's pretty sad!)

  3. I have them too! We always did share a similar taste in clothese


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