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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Blessing in Disguise

Well, yesterday after work I was on my way to the gym to continue in my fitness challenge. I had just turned into the parking lot entrance when all of a sudden, my car died. It just stopped. No warning whatsoever. Thankfully, I was far enough over to the right that cars were still able to get around on the other side of me or I would have really been in a pickle.

I tried restarting it a few times, and it would turn on and start up, but the moment you went to push the gas, it would sputter out and die again. I called hubby even though I knew he wouldn't be able to help because he was in Indianapolis for the day on business. I tried calling the in-laws, but they weren't home, nor did they answer their cell (which is no surprise because they're notorious for carrying their phone, but always having it turned off!).

So, what do I do now? It was really frustrating being so close to my gym, but not being able to go in and workout. I mean, I can't just leave my car parked in the middle of the driveway while I go off on a run! Thus, my best option was to get out, put the car in neutral, and try to push it, high heels and all, in to one of the parking spots on my right. Any normal person would have probably just walked over to the army recruiting office and asked one of the strong men to come help, or walk across the lawn to the mechanic shop next door, but I'm not a normal person. I'm STUBBORN to the core and I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of pushing my own car in high heels. I was doing pretty good and about half way there when a man pulled in the driveway and finished pushing it in for me.

Until I figured out how I was going to get home (my options were looking like: 1. walk the 10 miles carrying my laptop, purse, and gym bag; 2. wait until the in-laws finally get home or decided to turn on their cell; 3. wait until hubby gets home at midnight to come get me) I decided my time would be better spent going in and getting my workout done. At least that way I could cross one thing of my long list of to-dos for the evening - grocery shop, bake a cake for somebody's birthday at work, work from home for my boss, clean our room before hubs came home, return the movies, etc.

Thankfully, 2 hours later my father-in-law had gotten the message and came to pick me up. He thinks it's a problem with the fuel pump so we left the car there and he and hubby will look at it today.

So, what were the blessings in disguise?

1. My car could have died in the middle of the very busy intersection I just went through instead of in the parking lot of my gym.

2. I had something to do with my time while to love working up a sweat!

3. The room didn't get cleaned, but I did get my "homeless car" cleaned out. Hubby calls it that because for the past month (perhaps three months) my four-seater car has only fit a driver because it's served as my own personal PODS until I find room to store it at the in-laws. I was able to narrow a lot of it down to junk that needed to be tossed, and the rest I was able to consolidated in to half of my trunk until I get the car back home.

Yes, the Lord was watching over me. Thank you, God, for the blessings.

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