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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Visit to Colorado

My dad's birthday was on March 14th and while it wasn't any special year (i.e. one ending in a zero or five), we decided that it'd still be fun to surprise him. So, I convinced my sister to fly in from Seattle with her 6 month old (I must confess that part of my reason for dreaming up this birthday surprise was so that I'd have a convincing reason to get her to come so I could see my nephew for the 2nd time!), and my hubby and I flew in from the East Coast. Our brother is currently living at home for the year so that worked out great. All I can say is thank goodness my mom works for the airlines so that we can all fly very cheaply and frequently!

My sister, nephew and I arrived in to Denver on Thursday night where Mom picked us up. The next day, Dad's birthday, we had a fun girls day shopping for an Easter dress for my Chelsea and just enjoying Braden time. He's the first grandchild/nephew in the family, so he is spoiled BIG time! Dad was flying in from Nashville that evening to the Colorado Springs airport, so the whole clan decided to meet him at the airport with balloons and a sign to surprise him, and boy was he surprised!!! We had all called him at different times throughout the day so that he wouldn't get suspicious and it worked. I'm sure Brock just loved hanging out with all us crazy girls, but hey wherever our family goes there's sure to be a lot of chatter and laughter to follow.

My hubby wasn't actually able to fly in until Saturday so we waited for him to celebrate Dad's birthday, but we had an awesome steak dinner with excellent baked potatoes and roasted veggies and of course we all had to enjoy Mom's tablescape (she LOVES setting different tablescapes so anybody needing an idea of a gift for her, there you go). Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture because I was preoccupied snapping photos of Braden...oops! Then, to top it all off, we indulged in a delicious peanut butter fudge cake Mom made. The rest of the day was spent watching movies (No Country for Old Men, August Rush, and The Game Plan) and NCAA basketball of course.

The following day was off to Palm Sunday service and then just relaxing until we all headed up to Denver to catch our respective flights Chelsea & Braden back to Seattle around 5pm, hubby down to Nashville for business around 8pm and me back out to the East Coast at midnight. Now, I wasn't too crazy about having to wait in the airport that long, so I was very happy to learn that the Philadelphia flight was oversold. This meant that I'd be spending the whole next day in the Denver Airport...say it with me now...yuck! So why was I happy? Well, it meant I'd get to fly to Nashville with hubs and spend the night in a comfy bed instead of on an airport floor and the day lounging around a nice hotel and then return to Philly (via Denver of to love Frontier's hub being Denver) the next night with him. One more day off work...woohoo!

It was a wonderful weekend and here are the photos to prove it:

Birthday Boy (aka Dad/Grandpa/Hubby) & Braden

Grandma & Braden

Uncle Brock & Braden

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