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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Pics from Colorado Trip

Braden LOVED having his picture taken...whenever I pulled out my camera, he'd have to stop and turn and smile or do some other sort of face. I tried to get a photo of him with every family member. Unfortunately, I can't post the one of him with my hubby or the one of hubs and I in bunny ears and easter bonnets because he asked me to not disclose his name or photo on this blog (due to political reasons...less fuel for the fire of those who would like to get him out of politics), but trust me...he makes one cute uncle and will be a great dad someday!
Aunt Brie & Braden (I think I'm his favorite!)

Mommy (aka Chelsea) & Braden

Our little Easter Bunny who had a just eaten squash...can you tell?

Here's my own Easter bunny who I got a kiss from a few years ago:

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  1. Enjoyed seeing these pix, Brie! So glad you had a fun trip. I think that's fun you surprised your dad because we're surprising my dad in a few weeks when he runs an ultramarathon north of CS!


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