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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update: Nursery Makeover

Some of you may be wondering where I’m at with the nursery makeover. To be honest, nothing much has happened there since I painted the walls. I was waiting for the carpet quote to proceed with the rest of the stuff, and once it came in, my in-laws were shocked at the price. Over $600 to install carpet in one bedroom! And that was one of the more affordable carpets around. Guess the price of carpet has increased drastically since they last installed it 10-20 years ago!

My mother-in-law has been looking for cheaper places and we’re just not having much luck. At this point, to save them money and keep the project moving forward, we’re going to try giving the carpets a good deep cleaning and then they’ll purchase me a new rug that coordinates with the nursery decor to cover up any remaining spots. Only thing is, the size rug I need (at least 5’ x 8’) is about $150-$250 and all the ones I found that I like and that match are out of stock. Arrgghh!

Also, I’ve been waiting a few weeks now for the guys at work to raid the scrap pile and cut me the pieces of wood I need to make the shelves to flank the window in the nursery. In the past I would go do it myself, but this little thing called pregnancy has prevented me from stepping foot in the shop (due to the glue/paint/chemical fumes we use from time to time) for the past 8 months. So, not wanting to spend any money on shelves for a room where we won’t be long term, I’m having to change my idea for that too.

The drapes for the window are on hold until I figure out what I’m doing about the shelves. I’m waiting on making the crib bedding until I’m able to get the crib that our friends are giving us. I want to measure how high/low it goes so I can adjust the height of the crib skirt accordingly.

I haven’t started the artwork yet (but I know what I want to do) because basically I don’t know where exactly I’ll end up hanging it until the room is all situated because I’ve decided to leave some of my crafting stuff in there (i.e. table and frequently used supplies) due to a lack of storage spots for it elsewhere so the room is now a combo nursery/craft room.

The goal for this week is to get all the trim painted and to wash the fabric I’m using for the crib bumper and start working on that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to report I have these two tasks done come Monday! After all, our bundle of joy is due to arrive 8 weeks from today and all signs are pointing to her measuring two weeks ahead of schedule. Yikes I have a lot to do!

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