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Thursday, August 19, 2010

26 Weeks (98 days to go!)

It is so hard to believe that today is 26 weeks. Seems like just yesterday we learned we were having a little baby, but this morning I realized she could be here in as little as 10-12 weeks. I sure have a lot to do before she arrives!

Thankfully the renewed morning sickness I was experiencing in week 24 was a one week thing. Besides getting a little winded when I’ve been working hard all day, I’m feeling fantastic. I’m so thankful that for the most part this pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing. Hopefully the delivery will go the same way…I’m terrified of that part, but I guess there’s no turning back now!

No one was around to take my photo this morning so I used the timer on my camera. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking when I stood in front of a black fireplace with a black dress on, but hopefully you can make out where the baby bump ends and the fireplace begins. (Please ignore the fact I never swapped out my 4th of July decor…at this point I’m waiting until I put the fall stuff up in September.) I’ve put on 13.5 lbs so far. It will be interesting to see how much I put on total when all is said and done.

Pregnant_26 Weeks

Thanks, Mom, for the gift card – this is one of the dresses I purchased. I’m hoping I’ll be able to dress it up enough when I’m 37-38 weeks pregnant to wear to the Mayor’s Ball for hubby. It has super cute satin ruffles along the neckline and down to the band under the bust. I figured if I wear black hose and snazzy jewelry I should be able to make it work. It doesn’t make any sense to buy a formal dress that I’ll NEVER wear again due to how pregnant I’ll be at the time of the ball.

We definitely have an active little girl. Daddy hasn’t been able to feel her move inside the womb yet (I think he’s expecting it to be more distinct from the outside), but I sure feel all her little somersaults and gymnastics moves!

In other news, we think we have decided on her name, but we are still planning on keeping it a secret until she makes her arrival into the world. Things are going great with work…less than 12 weeks until I go on maternity leave. God answered a big prayer in that I found someone to fill in for me while I’m out and then she and I will split the work week (one of us will work 2 days, the other 3 and we can swap if need be) upon my return so that will provide a lot of flexibility as well as a little income still. God is good!

Here is what the little one is up to this week according to this site:

What's up with your baby? She now weighs a full two pounds and measures nine-plus inches. And this week, her eyes, which until now were developing under fused eyelids, start to open. Of course, there's not much to see in there, but if your baby spots a bright light (or hears a loud noise) near your belly, you may notice an increase in fetal activity. (“Hey, I'm in here, Mommy! Where’s the party!”) What accounts for that response? Her brain is more developed and sophisticated.

Feel like you're carrying the Karate Kid with all the kicking going on? Your baby is actually practicing all kinds of movements that will eventually be used in life on the outside — including pedaling against your belly, a sort of prewalking skill. As your baby's nervous system becomes more developed, the movements will become much more coordinated. And as the baby gets bigger and stronger, the movements will become much more powerful…and occasionally, even painful to you. If your baby lands a good one, that tiny left hook might hurt — a lot. Another trick she may try — stretching that leg out so far that the foot becomes lodged between your ribs (ouch). Next time you come under attack, try changing positions or doing some stretches of your own. You can also gently push your baby back with your hand when your knee-jerker jerks a little too hard. You just might be able to send your slugger back into the corner of the ring!

Hubby & I have started taking nightly walks on the farm (about an hour each night) and she sure likes to settle right down in the lower front half of my abdomen sometimes. Thankfully I can get her to move with my hand to make walking a little easier. My belly button hasn’t popped yet, but it’s definitely become just a tiny slit. And, I think our little girl would make her daddy proud already because she started moving like crazy while I was watching a video of Pres. Bush greeting returning troops earlier today and stopped as soon as the video was done.

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  1. Still looking great, Brie! (As if you'll stop...) haha Can't wait until she arrives and we learn her name! I'm sure it's beautiful. I really like your dress, too. :)


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