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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

“CARS” Apron & Chef Hat

My oldest nephew turns 3 in August and one of his favorite things is to cook and bake with mommy. She calls him her little “sous chef” and he gets so upset if she starts baking/cooking without him. Thus, I thought the perfect gift for him would be an apron and hat (so he no longer steals Chelsea’s girly apron each time). When I found the “Cars” fabric I knew it’d be perfect because that’s one of his favorite movies.

I did a quick Google search for some apron/hat tutorials, and the best one I found was here: apron and hat. I changed it a little by adding a pocket to the reverse side and separating the pocket into two pockets by sewing a seam down the middle.

First, I made a Microsoft publisher file that contained all my pattern pieces so I could maximize my fabric usage.


(1.25 yards of 44” wide main fabric)


(1 yard of 44” wide coordinating fabric)

I printed out the patterns on my computer and then taped the 8.5 x 11 sheets together and cut them out and pinned them to my fabric. After cutting out my fabric, I was left with a good amount of scraps for future projects.

I’m a beginner/intermediate sewer (why does that word always look so awful?) and this was super easy. I liked this project because I learned how to make your own binding to hide raw edges and how much of a difference interfacing makes for stiffness (in the hat band). Overall, the project cost me less than $11 because I only had to buy the fabric (only two fabric stores within an hour of me – Wal-Mart (where I ended up going) and a mom & pop that charges through the nose so you might be able to get cheaper fabric). My mother-in-law had interfacing I could use and I took two round rings of old matching key chains to use instead of D-rings.

Here is the finished project:

cars apron & hat (front)

cars apron & hat_back


Can’t wait to see the birthday boy in his new apron and hat. I’m sure he’ll love it!

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  1. those are really adorable! You'll find yourself making more as he ages and outgrows. What fun for him!


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