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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knock, Knock

Hubby and I wanted to tell our parents we were expecting in a creative way. It's the third grandchild on my side of the family, but the first on hubby's. Thankfully, my parents were already planning on coming out over Easter weekend so we decided that would be the perfect time. We were about 5 weeks along and figured we'd just have to charge each of them with keeping their mouths shut for 7 weeks.

We had a small breakfast planned for my parents and hubby's parents the Saturday before Easter. We decided it would also be nice to invite hubby's grandma (it would be her 2nd great grandchild because hubby's cousin and his wife just had a baby boy the end of April). I went to the store and picked out some Easter cards that had two bunnies telling a knock-knock joke: OUTSIDE - "Knock, knock. Who's there? Nobunny. Nobunny who?" INSIDE - "Nobunny ever had nicer grandparents than you!". I then signed them "Love, Brie, [hubby's name] and baby due Thanksgiving Day"

In addition, I also made us some fun t-shirts to wear in case they didn't quite grasp what the cards were telling them. As they were reading their cards, we both unzipped our sweatshirts to reveal the t-shirts. They were a big hit!

To make them, I used iron-on transfer paper that you can buy at a craft store and designed pictures for the fronts that I printed on my color printer.

Here is hubby’s:

The Bun Maker

And here is mine:

The Bun Baker

We have something fun planned for revealing the gender too. That should happen around 4th of July as long as our little turkey cooperates.

Did you break the news you were expecting in a fun way?


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