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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DIY Day: Duck Hooded Towel & Washcloth Puppet

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The birthday boy opened his gift the other day and loved it! Based on how small he is, I think he'll get many years of use out of this hooded towel.

To make the hooded towel, I used a tutorial I found on Infarrantly Creative. I actually came across it while doing a google search and thought it was the best tutorial of the search results. I chose a yellow towel because the birthday boy LOVES yellow and he LOVES bathtime, so I decided to turn it into a duck hooded towel by sewing on an orange fleece beak and some white and black fleece to make eyes. I think it turned out very cute.

To give him even more fun in the bath, I made a duck washcloth puppet to accompany it. I followed some instructions I found here doing another google search.

These were so easy to make, even for a novice sewer (what's the proper word...I don't want to call myself a name of where waste goes) like me. Can't wait to find new sewing projects to expand my skills.


  1. Do you know about the Homemade By Jill website? She has great tutorials and patterns for lots of baby stuff. I'm in the process of making burpcloths and bibs for the 8 people I know that are pregnant right now! I have her linked on my page.

  2. Such a cute towel! We have a lion and a frog towel that are very similar. It's so fun to see my little guys running around with the hood on and the towel trailing behind. It's a riot.


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