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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Edit Those Photos

Hubby & I hadn’t had a photo taken of us for awhile so I figured the perfect time would be last Thursday when we went out on the town.

Unfortunately, when I downloaded the photo it was not so great.

29th Bday

The color was washed out. You can see all the junk from two families sharing one living room, my face is a weird orange color, and don’t even get me started on how I’m standing. 

Enter my photo editing program. I prefer to use this one from work, but this works just as great too for free.

A crop here (to remove the junk), some cloning there (to get rid of the humidifier), some red eye removal, some airbrushing (to attempt to correct my funky orange skin) and a little brightening and contrast and this is what you end up with:

29th Bday_edited
Still not the best photo we’ve ever taken, but much better than it started out. I still have to fix the orange skin issue. Must be I need to get a different foundation for winter. Weird how it looks fine in the mirror, but in photos I look like I’m addicted to spray on tans even though I’ve never had one in my life. Promise.


29th Bday

29th Bday_edited

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