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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's so bad about "Merry Christmas"?

Last night was the last city council meeting for the year. I try to make it to every meeting (which is twice a month) to support my hubby who serves on the council. The first and last meetings of the year are sometimes the most entertaining.

The thing that was mind boggling to me last night was how many people in the public had to come up to wish everyone a joyous holiday by saying, "Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and to all you Seinfeld fans, Happy Festivus."

What is wrong with us?

Why can't we just say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanukkah" depending on which background we're from? Why is it that people are so offended if they receive a holiday greeting that is of a different faith? Personally, I'd rather hear "Happy Hanukkah" than "Happy Holidays".

But really, what is wrong with all of us wishing one another "Merry Christmas"?

After all, it's historical fact that this country was founded on Christian religious beliefs. Christmas is the only one of the three holidays that has major religious undertones. Hanukkah is not a major religious holiday for Judaism. According to Wikipedia, "Hanukkah is not mentioned in the Bible and was never considered a major holiday in Judaism, but it has become much more visible and widely celebrated in modern times, mainly because it falls around the same time as Christmas and has national Jewish overtones that have been emphasized since the establishment of the State of Israel" and according to the Official Kwanzaa website, Kwanzaa is "a cultural message which speaks to the best of what it means to be African and human in the fullest sense."

A few things I glean from these quotes: 1. Hanukkah is really only for those of a Jewish background and 2. Kwanzaa is only for those of African decent.

Here's the thing about Christmas, though... IT'S FOR EVERYONE!

Christ didn't come to earth as a baby, die on the cross, and rise again just for the Jews. He didn't do it just for the Africans. He did it for EVERYONE!

I've had enough of political correctness, and that my dear readers, is why I strongly believe in wishing everyone a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" After all, it is the only one of the three holidays that really does include all of us.

P.S. I'm not saying don't celebrate other religions holidays. Personally, I enjoy celebrating a Seder feast around Easter because as a believer there is so much more meaning in that Jewish feast when you understand that the Messiah has already come.

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  1. Political correctness is destroying this country that was founded on Christian principles, by Christian men.


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