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Friday, December 18, 2009

I love you snow, but please wait a little longer

First off, I wanted to clarify that in my post from yesterday I was in no way implying that there is never the proper time or place to wish someone "Happy Hanukkah" or that one shouldn't celebrate Hanukkah. I was more just commenting that people shouldn't be offended by the greeting of "Merry Christmas" because it's a holiday that is inclusive of all people.

Now, back to the snow.

Tomorrow hubby and I are supposed to be meeting up with our friend Katie and her new man in NYC. Today hubby is in Georgia for business and his flight is supposed to get back in to Philadelphia tomorrow at 8:30am -just in time for me to pick him up and make the trek into the city before our friends bus arrives from DC. We have grand plans for lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant, ice skating in central park, viewing the Rockefeller center tree, window shopping the Macy's christmas windows, and enjoying a delicious cupcake from one of our favorite little bakeries.

Well, there's one tiny little problem.

We're supposed to get snow starting tonight. Lots and lots of snow. 3-10 inches worth of snow.

While I'm normally all up for a snowstorm, I really need this one to hold off until hubby's plane makes it in tomorrow. I'd be so disappointed if our friends make the journey all the way from DC to NYC and then we don't get to see them because hubs flight is delayed.

If we didn't have this day in NYC planned, and if hubby wasn't travelling home tomorrow, I'd be estatic about possibly being snowed in this weekend. As it is, I'm praying the storm holds off until at least 9am tomorrow. Please join me in this prayer?

And, if we're able to have our day in the city as planned, I'll make sure to post photos next week! Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas!

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