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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time for a New Do

This Saturday I’m going for my first haircut in over 6 months. It couldn’t happen to fall on a better day because that night also happens to be the third annual Mayor’s Ball for our hometown and seeing how my hubby is on the city council, I kinda have to go to those sort of things and look presentable while attending.

I don’t think my split ends and funky mom-in-law trimmed bangs will go too well with the fancy dress I’m recycling from two years ago. That’s another thing. Hopefully no one will notice that I’m wearing the same dress I’ve already worn to two other political functions - albeit county level ones, but still. Another $400 for a dress is just not something in the budget right now.

Anyway. Back to the hair.

I’ve mentioned before that I get in these cycles where I’ll chop my hair short and then let it grow out for a few years and wear it long before chopping it off again. Currently, I’m in the let it grow out stage and it’s finally below my shoulder again. If it was up to me, I’d chop it back into the bob I sported most of this past year because I totally loved it. With my flat iron, it was super easy to style. Katie Holmes was my inspiration:

katieholmesbob    100_2632

Hubby loves when I change my hair up, though, because then he feels like he’s kinda married to a “different woman every day”. Whatever makes him happy. Only problem is, my flat iron bit the dust a couple months ago and they no longer make it so I’m having trouble finding an affordable replacement I’m happy with. Thus, my go to style of late has been leaving it naturally curly and I’m completely over it. It seems no matter what I do or what products I use the frizz takes over by midday. It’s got to go!

I’m not very talented with a blow dryer and that is why I loved the bob because the flat iron fixed EVERYTHING.

In the past I’ve turned to things like this to help me out:

But, let’s be honest here, those hairstyles don’t look realistic no matter who’s head you plop them on. (And no, that’s not me in those silly photos in case your eyesight has gone.)

Enter Google. How I love Google. What did we ever do without Google?

A quick search for “medium hairstyles” and “long hairstyles” resulted in the following selections I like:

eva-longoria-medium Ref: RANY 141101
Singer Mandy Moore at a party for Teen People's third annual What's Next  issue at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.
Picture Ronald Asadorian/Splashnews
Splash LA: 310-812-2666
            NY: 212-619-2666
    jessicasimpson medium-hairstyles1 eva_mendes

I don’t know which way to go. I really like the bang on Mandy Moore & Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria’s simple straight layers, but the flirtyness of Eva Mendes asymmetrical do is super cute too. Only problem is, I can do the straight hair easily enough thanks to a flat iron, but the styles on the bottom look like I’d have to be pretty skilled with a blow dryer and then a curling iron and some good styling products to keep my naturally curly hair from frizzing out when I try to relax it into a softer wave.

Guess I’ll let my hairstylist make the final decision for me on Saturday and hopefully she’ll be able to give me some stellar tips too on how to style it because I really would love to go with something closer to Eva Mendes style.

Then again, I could always just have her style it like this for the Mayor’s Ball:


What the heck was Drew Barrymore thinking when she got out of the stylist’s chair that night? I definitely want to avoid having bouffant hair like that!

Oh, one other picture that came up on my Google search for “medium hairstyles”:

Again, not quite the look I’m going for, but Josh Holloway is pretty dreamy.

Tell me your opinion. Which style should I go with? Any hair products you found that work great on naturally curly hair? How about tips for having great success with using a blow dryer?

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  1. The last time I got my hair cut (July), I brought in that picture of Jessica Simpson. I immediately regretted the bang cutting. But that's just me. I found out I don't like my hair touching my face...ever. I'm a perpetual tuck-it-behind-my-ear person. But it was a good length, overall and I got compliments. I desperately need a new haircut now, but also don't know what to do. I'm sure you'll look great, no matter what you choose!


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