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Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea: Bird’s Nest Planter


Earlier this year I saw Martha make these rustic “bird’s nest” planters that held paper whites. I thought they’d make a great gift idea for some of hubby’s clients, but I didn’t know where I’d find paper whites at an affordable price.

Well, last night I stopped by the Christmas Tree Shop on my way home from work because someone sent me a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase. Lo and behold, when I walked in the door, right there were packages of paper white bulbs with a pot and simple instructions on how to plant for $3.99!

At that price, I should be able to make each bird’s nest planter with flowers for less than $10 each which is definitely a reasonable price to spend on gifts. If I decide not to go with the bird’s nest planters, I could easily wrap some nice burlap fabric around the pot and tie a ribbon with some embellishments around it too. That’d be even cheaper than $10.

Want to make your own bird’s nest planter? Click here to get the instructions.

And, if you live near a Christmas Tree Shop, here is your own 20% off coupon to use:

christmas tree shop coupon

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