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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raising the Walls

Here are the latest pictures of the work on our house from a couple weeks ago. We have most of the framing done in the kitchen. Just need to finish laying the sub floor in the area seen below and then we can frame that out.

Hubby and I are heading back out for a quick trip this weekend to drop off a washer and dryer, winterize the house, and pick up his little plants so we can keep on eye on them over the winter. He'll go out again for a couple more weeks the end of the month to get a few more small projects done.

We just need to put in the fire stops and then the rough plumbing and electrical so we can insulate and put up dry wall. We're hoping to build all the cabinets ourselves over the winter because I work for a cabinet shop that can do all the machining for us. This way we can also do the painting and glazing exactly how we want it.

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