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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glad to hear security is so tight...

This morning my hubby left on a plane to go work on our house.

First he couldn't find my set of house keys that I loaned him last time after he misplaced his original set. But, while looking for them, he did find his original set.

Then I get a call from the plane saying he barely made it and guess what he forgot. I never got a chance to guess because I could hear the flight attendant saying in the background over the speakers that "all portable electronic devices must be shut off" followed by a quick "bye, love you" from my hubby.

Did he forget the house keys he was so frantically looking for this morning? Or maybe he forgot the keys to the car we left parked in the garage there. Don't know where those are...must be with my set of keys he misplaced.

Well, hubby just called to say that it was his license that he forgot. That's right his photo id. Did. not. have. one. And no, he did not call me from the airport he was dropped of at.

Excuse me? How did you get through security and convince them you were actually who you say you are? Guess all it took was some sweet talking and showing them a credit card and a health insurance card. Don't really see how that convinces anyone because he could have just stolen someone's wallet. While I'm very thankful hubby somehow made it to his destination, I'm also very disturbed that he was able to talk his way onto a plane with absolutely no photo id!

Thank goodness I fly out on Friday to work on my cousin's hair for her wedding and can bring him a photo id.

And, the verdict is still out on whether he remembered to bring car keys or not. Hopefully he did because I'm not looking forward to going on a wild goose chase looking for keys!

I keep telling myself I need to have his id and keys permanently attached to his body. Maybe now is finally the time!

Note: I don't recommend trying to board an airplane without photo id. Chances are they will not let you on. No matter how much you sweet talk them or show them a credit card and health insurance card.

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