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Monday, April 6, 2009

Worth the drive??

Hubby was supposed to leave last Wednesday to go finish demo on the kitchen so we can get a good jump when we are there this summer. Just before we got ready to leave, the airline called to tell him that his flight had been cancelled and they'd have to rebook him. He chose to leave Saturday late afternoon instead.

Saturday morning hubby tries to check-in online and print his boarding pass, but the computer kept saying it couldn't assign a seat number. Finally we track down a number for the airline and call them only to have them say their computers are down and they wouldn't be able to tell him if he as a seat until he checks in at the airport. So, we start out on our way for the journey to LaGuardia in NYC. Of course we hit traffic for both the Yankees and Mets last pre-season home games and finally get to the airport. I wait the five minutes to see if he gets a seat and once I get the call that all is good, I pull away from the curb and start the drive back home through Manhattan (it's the cheapest route so I'll fight the traffic).

No sooner do I enter the Midtown Tunnel when hubby calls to say that the flight has been oversold and that they're offering a free roundtrip ticket to anyone who's willing to give up their seat. He says he really needs to go in order to get the new water meter installed, but that if nobody else offers he will. So, as I'm exiting the tunnel, he calls to say that they sweetened the pot and offered two roundtrip tickets to anywhere they fly and he jumped at the opportunity. So, looks like we'll be making a trip to the Caymen Islands or some other warm place next winter! And, he only paid $40 bucks for his original ticket!

Yeah, it took two hours to get to the airport and another four to get home thanks to having to turn around and head back to the airport and then back through Manhattan only to have the police constantly close entrances to the Lincoln Tunnel just as we got within 3 car lengths, but I think it was well worth it for the two free tickets and four extra days with my hubby before he leaves!

Plus, we needed some cheering up after we lost a suit against one of hubby's company's on Friday to the tune of $14,000. More to come on that later.

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  1. That's awesome about the tickets! I got bumped once and got an airline voucher that was enough for us to buy one round-trip ticket to Italy (that was great!)

    I actually had a dream about your house yesterday, and in the dream, we bought the one next door. Thankfully, my house needed less work than your house!

    So, when the two of you do make it back to your new house, let me know. We are hoping to see you and your husband again, but with less drama from my family!


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