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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Italy Photos

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. They're posted in reverse order just because I don't feel like taking the time to correct them here. This is just a small sampling of the 120+ I took. If you care to see more and are my friend on Facebook, they're posted on there.

A mermaid sculpture.

The peonies were just one of the amazing flowers in the garden we visited.

I love fiddle head ferns but have only seen them in bouquets. I was very excited to see them growing "wild"
The azaleas in the garden were amazing. The mountains on the right are part of the Italian Alps.

The villa and its private museum in the garden we visited along Lake Como.

This was from the wedding. Don't know how it got posted here instead of by the rest of the wedding photos. My hubby is a lot more handsome than the swirly face suggests!

The ceiling of the chapel in the garden we visited. The frescos and plaster detail work was amazing.

A sculpture in the garden we visited.

Another sculpture in the garden we visited.

Some beautiful Japanese maples in the garden we visited in the town of Bellaggio along Lake Como.

The bride and groom. The bride is a friend of mine from highschool/college. The groom's Scottish...thus the kilt.

The city of Manarola along the Cinque Terre. Hubby and I hiked between three of the five towns. It was fun and picture perfect.

A statue I found in a kids park and it has the colorful city of Manarola as its backdrop.

A photo I took in of the towns in La Cinque Terre. You may see this showing up in some form in my shop.

Our sleeping quarters at the monastery. Thankfully the couple who was supposed to share the room with us didn't show up...that would have been a little awkward!

The view from the guest house we stayed in on the monastery for the first three days.

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