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Friday, January 16, 2009

New "Client"

I'm super excited about this wedding I'm working on right now. Afterall, it's only fair that I donate my services after my cousin came and helped me put together all my centerpieces:

Currently I'm working on the invitation. I'm going to make a few modifications before I send it to her for final approval...such as actually having a photo of her and her fiancee instead of a random one I used, converting the photo and font to sepia instead of black, and adding in all the necessary wording for the invite. We're also going to do something besides the rhinestones. They wanted something that would be affordable to mail, so we came up with a format that fits in a #10 envelope. Looking at these photos again, I see my proportions are off, but you get the idea:

It was my first time using a stamp with a glue pad and glitter and I think I'm addicted!

I'm also working on designing a monogram for them to use on numerous things as well as centerpieces and other stuff. I love doing this stuff and wish I could do it for a full-time job. Maybe someday...

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