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Thursday, December 4, 2008


That is the question I'm asking myself today. Why? If you think about it, please be praying for hubby & me. We had a really frustrating night last night. I'll try to give the brief synopsis, but those of you who know me know that I don't tend to be brief!

Our town is suing a former attorney because of some actions he took that put the town at risk. This is the same guy who's been trying to fight this for two years by following hubby and suing him saying he violated his 1st amendment right and all that.

One of our township committee people (a lady who used to be our friend and was one of hubby's running mates) is very good friends with this attorney. She doesn't like at all how the town is suing him and released confidential documents regarding how the town is pursuing the litigation to the judge who then handed them over to the attorney we're suing, thus making them public documents. She doesn't see how she did anything wrong and thus, two weeks ago at a meeting, hubby & the rest of the governing body censured her and another committeeman who did the same thing.

Well, fast forward to the next meeting which was last night and she had organized (with the help of the attorney the town is suing no doubt) a lynch mob of people to come out and lambaste my husband and defame his name for about an hour and a half. I shed some tears at one point as I witnessed person after person who used to be our "friends" go up and call him unethical and question everything he's ever done. They even brought in people from another town to attack him.

It's so hard to sit there and watch this happen. But, at the same time you can't give up because then they "win". I admit, I lost it at a point and called some of them bad names under my breath as they walked past me on the way back to their seat. Then I get more mad because I'm allowing wackos to aggravate me to the point that I act in an ungodly manner.

The unfortunate thing I've learned about politics is that the good people get burned out due to stuff like this and the minority of uninformed crazies has the loudest voice. Oh how we need good and godly politicians, but I'm really starting to ask myself why anyone in their right mind would want to put up with all this crap.

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  1. Yikes, Brie. I am so sorry to hear that. I can't even imagine how hard that must've been, as a wife, to see your husband being degraded like that.


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