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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fitting in Exercise & Medifast Update

I've been on Medifast for two weeks now. Really only a week and a half because there were a few days this past week where we had events that were too formal (or we were out with one of my hubby's new clients and I didn't want them to think he was wacky) to open up one of my Medifast packets of food. I lost another 1.5 lbs which isn't too bad seeing how I pretty much ate whatever I wanted (in moderation of course) for at least three or four days. So, in two weeks I've gone from 151 lbs. to 143.5 lbs. Not too bad!

Also, I wanted to share a little tip for fitting exercise in to your day. Lately, I haven't had the time to do 20+ minutes of exercise all in one sitting, so I try to do things throughout the day. Here are some of the ways I fit exercise in to my daily routine:

1. Park at the end of the row when shopping. Walk the whole store, up and down every aisle, whether you need to or not just to get extra walking in.

2. While brushing my teeth or flat ironing my hair, I do squats, leg kicks and calf raises. Yes, my husband looks at me like I've gone crazy. No, I don't care because I have firmer leg muscles to show for it.

3. While I wait for a fax to go through at work, I do lunges up and down the hall. I only do this when I know everyone is in their office, and I make sure to listen for anyone coming down the hall so I can stop before they think I'm crazy too.

4. Sometimes while I am talking to friends at work or family at home, I'll find a wall and do a wall sit instead of sitting in a chair.
5. Walk the stairs in my house. I especially get this in on days when I work from home because my office is upstairs in the house, another office for one of our companies is in the basement with shipping in the detached garage and hubby's office is above said garage. It's a constant back and forth every night and Friday.

All these are just simple little tips to fit some extra exercise in to your day. Do you have any tips?

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  1. I'm glad Medifast is going well for you!

    I think the main thing I try to do is hold my abdominal muscles in as much as possible during the day. Those muscles have never been great, but after two kids, they are totally shot!

    And, I HATE that it's dark early now (and cold to boot!) because it makes outdoor exercise almost impossible for me. I just need to bite the bullet and go to the gym.


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