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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snickers Cupcakes

(I forgot to take a photo, but they looked very similar to this)

Last Wednesday was not my night for making cupcakes.

Sure, they smelled lovely and looked wonderful when I took them out of the oven. They didn't look or smell so wonderful when I came back in 40 minutes or so later from working out in the office.

I walked in to the worst burnt smell ever!

You see, I had pulled the cupcake holders out of the oven and quickly set them on top of the stove so I could get back to work. The whole time I'm thinking to myself that I really should pull out the cooling racks, but then I figured "nah, this will work and it will save me time."

Well, turns out I forgot to turn the back burner off of "low" when dinner was done and thus my one tray of cupcakes was still cooking from the bottoms up.

Let's just say they were a little more than "crispy" on the bottom. My hubby suggested I just make the muffin tops, but there wasn't too much of those I could salvage. Plus, they just smelled burned.

Thankfully, I was able to find enough good ones that I could frost and take to work.

Just when I thought the problem was solved, I pulled out my new easy decorator to do the frosting with. Someone told me that she put a whole can of frosting in there and was able to decorate 24 cupcakes no problem. Worth a shot seeing how I only had 16 or so that survived the toasting. Well, after cupcake #5 I ran out of frosting. I don't know if I used the wrong tip or what, but those 5 cupcakes had more frosting on them than I've ever seen!

So, I had to scrape it off and hand frost the remaining cupcakes. I ended up spending more time than I saved...aagghh!!

Oh well, when they were all frosted and the chopped snickers were placed on top, I helped myself to one and suddenly felt a lot better.

Chocolate. Does a girl good.

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