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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Color Choices

Like my new blog background? I'm in the process of updating my blog and using this temporarily until I have some time to design something I like.

However, as I was looking for free backgrounds yesterday, I was struck by the fact that the colors I prefer for website and online stuff are very different from colors I would use to decorate my home.

I love the black, green and white scheme for my blog, but I don't think I would choose these colors to decorate my house. For that I prefer the rich colors of Tuscany with a nice stripe or paisley type pattern.

Anybody else notice you prefer a different set of colors for your online "home" as opposed to the colors you like to use in your real home?

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  1. I have pink in some of my blog applications and other templates, but I won't wear pink or decorate my house in pink. The pics of your bedroom look like your decorating taste is similar to mine (at least in the linen department!)


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