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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seattle to the East Coast

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are slated to come visit us this weekend. We're going to spend some time at the beach, going berry pickin', and show Bennett that hot dog stands and subways really to exist in NYC, as well as all the other fun things to do there.

However, they're flying on my mom's pass benefits (my mom is a flight attendant) and the loads between Denver (the airlines's hub) and Philadelphia aren't looking too good. So, please be praying with us that they get on these specific flights:

Seattle to Denver: Thursday night
Denver to Philly: Thursday night red-eye or 1st flight Friday morning
Philly to Denver: Monday evening
Denver to Seattle: Monday evening or Tuesday morning

We only need two seats on each flight because they can hold Braden. It's important that they get in on no later than that 1st Friday morning flight because we have special dinner plans for Friday night. It's also important that they get back to Seattle no later than Tuesday so that Bennett doesn't go down as being AWOL from the Air Force for coming off his leave late.

I'll keep you posted and hopefully be posting pictures of our weekend together soon!

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