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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog Privacy

I was reading The Homespun Heart this morning and came across this post:

"Just a quick note about blog privacy. Each of us have different comfort levels with what information we share on our blog. Some of us real names, some use code names, some of us give out our city and state or address and church name, some of us are more vague.

I've noticed through personal experience and reading other blogs, that sometimes when we know the other person in real-life, we can get more relaxed about what we share even in the comments. And, this can be an opportunity to share information that the blog owner would have preferred not to share.

I just want to offer a friendly reminder for not only my own blog, but the whole blog community. Please do not include city or town names, church names or last names of friends or family in comments. This puts the blog owner in an uncomfortable position of having to delete your comment or let their info remain on the comment. If there is any doubt in your mind about including a word or name in your comment, please do leave it out.

This is not directed at anyone personally, so please don't be offended. I just want us to be consciously respectful of one another and the information we share on our blogs."
I too have experienced this. My husband has asked that if I blog, I don't reveal his name, our last name, or where we live due to some people who would like to dig up any "dirt" they can on him to try to get him out of politics. So, I ask that you please respect this and do not reveal any of the above information if you know me. If you accidentally do in your comments, I apologize, but I will have to delete them in order to respect my husband's request.

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